Burkholder functionals, quasiconformal maps and singular integrals

Eero Saksman

(University of Helsinki)

Event: ERC Workshop on Geometric Analysis on sub-Riemannian and Metric Spaces

Date: Oct 14, 2011, time: 10:40

Place: Centro De Giorgi, Scuola Normale Superiore

Abstract. We consider norms of singular integral operators, quasiconvexity of variational integrals, a question of Morrey, and sharp regularity estimates of quasiconformal maps. All these different themes will be linked via Burkholder functionals. The talk is based on joint work with K. Astala (Helsinki), S. Geiss (Innsbruck), T. Iwaniec (Syracuse), S. Montgomery-Smith (Missouri) and I. Prause (Helsinki).