ERC Conference on Optimal Transportation and Applications

Oct. 12, 2010 - Oct. 16, 2010

It is the fifth edition of this traditional meeting in Pisa, after the ones in 2001, 2003, 2006 and 2008. Leading experts in the field will illustrate recent developments of the theory of optimal mass transportation and its applicatins. The workshop will be funded by the ERC Advanced Grant GeMeThnES, Geometric Measure Theory in non-Euclidean Spaces.

Oct 12, 2010:

9.00: Eric Carlen (Rutgers University): Functional inequalities, mass transportation, and asymptotic for the critical mass Keller-Segel model

10.00: Guillaume Carlier (CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine): Matching multi-marginals Monge Kantorovich problem and barycenters in the Wasserstein space

11.30: Thierry Champion (Toulon): Existence of an optimal transport

2.30: Aldo Pratelli (Pavia): The duality theorem for rectified cost functions

4.50: Adrian Tudorascu (West Virginia University): A Weak KAM Theorem for the Nonlinear Vlasov System

5.50: Eugene Stepanov (St. Petersburg): Optimal location of industries

Oct 13, 2010:

8.30: Giuseppe Toscani (Pavia): Kinetic models of Bose-Einstein particles

9.30: Christian Leonard (Univ. Paris 10): A large deviation approach to optimal transport

10.40: Guy Bouchitté (Toulon): Smirnov decomposition of transport measures and applications

11.40: Wilfrid Gangbo (Georgia Tech.): Homogenization in Spaces of Probability Measures

2.30: Jin Feng (Kansas University): A class of HJB PDE in space of measures and its associated compressible Euler equations

3.30: Luigi De Pascale (Università di Pisa): Optimal transport problems in some sandpile models

5.50: Gershon Wolansky (Technion): Optimal mass transportation and non-imaging optics

Oct 14, 2010:

8.30: Stefano Bianchini (SISSA, Trieste): On the extremality, uniqueness and optimality of transference plans

9.30: Ludovic Rifford (Nice): Nearly round spheres look convex

10.40: Jose A. Carrillo (ICREA): Keller-Segel, Fast-Diffusion and Functional Inequalities

11.40: Michael Westdickenberg (Georgia Tech.): Sticky particle dynamics with interactions

Oct 15, 2010:

9.00: Yann Brenier (Nice): A modified least action principle allowing mass concentrations for the early universe reconstruction problem

10.00: Augusto Neri (INGV, Pisa): Multiphase transport models of volcanic eruptions

11.30: Nathael Gozlan (Univ. Paris Est.): From concentration of measure to functional inequalities

2.30: Young-Heon Kim (British Columbia University): Regularity of optimal transportation maps on multiple products of spheres

3.40: Jiakun Liu (Australian National University): Global regularity of the reflector problem

4.50: Chloé Jimenez (Univ. Brest): Optimal transport in the quadratic case with a convex constraint: An application of the Champion-De Pascale-Juutinen method

5.50: Jerome Bertrand (Toulouse): Prescription of Gauss curvature using optimal mass transport

Oct 16, 2010:

9.00: Nicola Gigli (IMJ - UPMC): The Heat Flow as Gradient Flow

10.00: Alessio Figalli (UT Austin): A gradient flow approach to non-local interaction equations

11.30: Italo Capuzzo Dolcetta (Roma, La Sapienza): A numerical approach to some mean field games problems